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We are a premier online property portal based in Bangkok, Thailand. Our website provides a range of property options for your needs.

Go through our comprehensive listings. Search for homes, condo units, office spaces and investment properties. You are sure to find the perfect property that suits your budget and preference.

Whether you are looking for rental properties or Thai properties for sale, upscale or vice versa, you can find it here on Thailand-Property.Net. We have thousands of property listings for your perusal, supplied with quality images. All properties come with salient information (i.e. size, location, number of rooms) to help you with your purchase decision.

We welcome expats, foreign investors, local businessmen, Thai nationals and everyone with the legal right to purchase property in Thailand as per law. Explore Thailand-Property.Net today!


Real estate in Thailand is relatively affordable compared to other Asian and Southeast Asian countries. In fact, Thailand has an abundant supply of properties – mostly in the condominium sector.

The Thai government allows foreigners to buy condo units, either as an investment property or as residential property. However, buying a house and lot in Thailand is a privilege given only to locals. Though there are other ways foreigners can own real estate property in the country, the processes involved may take time.

Over the years, buoyed by high tourism rates, Thailand real estate has continued to grow. The Thai property market attracts a number of foreign property investors and homebuyers. Studies show that a significant percentage of condo buyers in Thailand are foreigners.

Nationalities that mostly invest property in Thailand are, among others, from Mainland China, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, the Netherlands and Germany. Many Russian and Indian expats settle in Pattaya, while the Chinese usually flock to Northern Thailand or purchase condo in Bangkok.


As a potential tenant, investor or property buyer, you would like to know the pros and cons of buying property in Thailand.
For your convenience, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions from Thailand property buyers.

Should I invest in
Thai property?

If you have a clear goal and sufficient budget, then you have every right to buy property in Thailand. However, do not invest without prior research and a back-up plan. Thailand’s property market has been resilient over the years, but like most markets, it is not completely immune to forces beyond its control.

For your safety, consult a property specialist first. Thailand allows foreigners to buy investment condo units, but subject to other conditions.


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