Simple Tips for Making Your Thailand Property Listing Stand Out

June 12, 2019

Putting up a Thailand property listing online can be quite a challenge. But it doesn’t have to be. One secret to successful real estate marketing is leaving no stone unturned. You cover all marketing grounds and promote your listing through a variety of channels – online or offline.

If budget is a problem, online advertising is always budget-friendly yet efficient. However, once you secure enough resources to expand your marketing campaign, you should also consider traditional marketing.

Thailand property listing | tips to consider

Below are simple tips for marketing your Thailand property:

Study Your Target Market & Potential Buyers

Say for example you are listing a bigger home in a neighbourhood popular for being near to good schools, it pays to know your probable buyers. Customise your online marketing to get the attention of those buyers. If you are selling a detached home, for instance, your probable buyers will be a family with children who may need a large enough property within reasonable distance to popular schools.

Use High Quality Visually Appealing Pictures

Invest in quality pictures where possible. Get a professional to edit photos of your property. First impressions can create leads. sell itself, and no need for heavy sales talk. Your property will speak for itself. But this is only possible if your picture is appealing enough to make people want to contact you for a viewing appointment.

Add Traditional Marketing Methods Once in a While

As a property agent or owner, you must understand just how powerful face-to-face communication is. Do some networking and interact with potential customers. If opportunities do not present themselves, have the initiative to find them. In real estate, people tend to gravitate towards likeable people. So talk with consumers in person and you will be surprised at how much your sales will improve. Also, a pamphlet or brochure every now and then can give you a good backing.

Promote Your Thai Property through Social Media

No one likes advertisements on social media these days. Leverage social media in a way that shows your properties, but has a light, fun message for your followers. This will not only result in more engagement but will help you connect with yuppies and younger consumers that are just now entering the industry.

Build a Website to Showcase Thai Properties for Rent or Sale

When promoting your property, you don't just build a real estate website. You have to get people to look at it. Improve your site and supply helpful content and photos regularly. These can increase visibility on Google and other search engines. Or work with online marketing firms that know where and how to promote your Thailand property listings to the right audience.

Create Listing Descriptions with Your Users & Google in Mind

Every property listing requires descriptions. Consider the short attention spans of this Internet generation when you describe your property. Be honest, transparent, and direct and do not beat around the bush. Prioritise important features of your property and inform your website admin or your contacts at Thailand property portals about your plan. On your personal website, avoid repeating or duplicating the same descriptions as Google and search engines might penalise your website instead.

Know When and at What Time to Publish Your Thailand Property Listings

Weekend listings are particularly effective and have better conversions than weekday listings. Although at times it's a case to case basis. Before the scheduled open house, you may want to submit your listing to online property listing websites in Thailand.

Ask Previous Buyers or Tenants to Review Your Properties

Get reviews on trusted online property portals or listing websites. Ask your previous homebuyers or tenants to review your sold or rental properties. If you get several reviews, you are likely to get 50 per cent more traffic than profiles with no reviews at all.

Use Videos for Your Property Listings in Thailand

This is the digital era so why not use videos for your Thailand property listings? Visuals and movements give potential buyers a clear perception of space - as if they are experiencing your property first-hand. If you have equipment like a 3D camera or drone, you may want to make full use of it. Technology can leverage online promotions of your property in Thailand.

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