Tips for Attracting Buyers to Your Thailand Property Listing

August 21, 2018
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We often get asked whether we have advice for increasing Thailand property listing views. When you go online, the number of real estate ads – properties for rent or sale – can be overwhelming. You wonder if there's even a chance you can get noticed in an ocean of listings. Take heart because there are ways you can renovate your property listing and make it more attractive to prospective agents or buyers.

No matter your reason for looking through real estate listings, your listing should not get by unnoticed. How to put yourself on the radar? Below are tips for making your Thailand Property a standout:

  1. Use quality photos

    Lay out all the photos you intend to use for your listing. Rank them according to clarity and impact. Assess your photos objectively. The ones which strike you the most could possibly appeal to your target buyers as well.

    Post pictures that highlight the strengths or uniqueness of your property. A terrace, for instance, your security features or a built-in Jacuzzi (if applicable). Most people tend to ignore poor quality photos. How a property picture appears to readers can make or break their purchase decision.

  2. Create Engaging Content

    Engaging content means content that anticipates your readers' questions while stirring their interest. This goes without saying that you have to avoid exaggerating the advantages of your property. Be informative instead. Zoom in on the benefits (e.g. distance from public transport terminals or train stations, free Internet, etc) without sounding too technical or poetic.

    You certainly have the option to mention property size, number of bedrooms and attendant payment options. However, what buyers really need to know is this: what's in it for them? Once you're able to answer this important question through your content, you'll have a string of enquiries before you know it.

  3. Upgrade to a Premium Listing

There's one way you can zoom past ahead of your competitors in a Thailand property web portal: upgrade your account. In other words, go premium.

Property owners or agents would do well to invest in listings. Pay a small fee for features or to get to the top of the list. The costs you incur will only be a fraction of the amount you will get once you find a serious buyer for your property.

The secret to attractive property listings is no secret at all. These are simple tips that we often forget or neglect in pursuit of instant results. But a property listing that draws buyers is one that is built with effort. As a property owner or agent, you must also put yourself in the shoes of buyers. This way it's a win-win situation for you and the one who purchased your property: you match their needs, they buy your property.

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