Thailand Still No. 1 Among Chinese Property Investors Despite a Weaker Yuan

July 31, 2019

China has remained an avid fan of Thailand’s real estate market even as the Yuan drops in value. Despite an ongoing trade war with the United States, a number of property buyers from China still purchase Thailand property but at a calmer pace compared to last year. Juwai, a website that talks about real estate in China, projects that Chinese property investors will continue to buy properties in Thailand in 2020 onward.

Chinatown in Bangkok | Chinese Property Investors Still Prefer Thailand

Photo credits: Mateusz Turbiński at Pexels

Best Locations for Buying Thai Property

According to the real estate website Juwai.com, Chinese buyers find Bangkok and Chiang Mai as the best locations for buying Thai property. These two cities also have top-notch rental guarantees of approximately 5 to 7 per cent annually. Such rates heavily depend on the nature of the project and the available price range.

Rental Guarantee

Though rental guarantees are quite popular among property developers, it is still a challenge to find reliable follow-throughs. Nowadays, investors from China make it a point to research about developers. They also use their experience and knowledge of Thailand’s real estate industry to shortlist only trustworthy developers. Developers who have a reputation for poor follow-throughs despite flamboyant marketing techniques will not make the cut.

Off-Plan Property Purchase

Chinese investors go the off-plan route. Some of them purchased properties a few years ago (during the construction phase), and it is basically harvesting time. The properties they purchased 2 to 3 years ago will be handed over anytime this year.

Data provided by Juwai shows how many Chinese investors enquire about buying property in Thailand. The Land of Smiles is still the number 1 country for property investments, with Japan placing second. Statistics show that in the first quarter of 2019, Chinese buyers searched for and enquired about properties in Thailand quadruple times more than last year. Even as the Yuan dropped towards the end of last year, enquiries reached an all-time high.

Countries and Thai Provinces That Attract Chinese Investors

Chinese real estate investors prefer to invest property in these countries:

(1) Thailand

(2) Japan

(3) Australia

(4) Canada

(5) United States

When in Thailand, they mostly buy properties in Bangkok, Pattaya and Chiang Mai. Beachfront properties in Phuket and Koh Samui are also in great demand.

Thai Properties for Sale that Chinese Buyers Prefer

As per law, foreigners including those from China can only buy condo properties in Thailand and not real estate per se. According to Juwai, a number of Chinese buyers prefer to purchase one-bedroom condo units in the heart of Bangkok. Data shows that around 40 per cent of buyers searched for one-bedroom apartments. 24 per cent preferred three-bedroom apartments and while preferences for two-bedroom apartments comprised 14 per cent.

Chiang Mai, Bangkok and Pattaya are still top-tier destinations for Chinese investors, Krabi and Koh Samui are catching up fast. The website said that there are many enquiries related to properties in these coasts.

What compels these Chinese buyers to be loyal to Thailand? Considerations include direct flights, proximity to pristine beaches and affordable new condo projects.

Juwai also noted that Chinese students study at Thai universities because the tuition fee is much cheaper than when they study in China or Western countries. They also praise Thailand’s healthcare quality, saying it is more affordable than medicare in their home country.

More Thailand property options at www.thailand-property.net.

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