Lessees requesting new office structures

May 10, 2017
Nowadays, individuals desire to change their telephones, autos, condos or patterns to the most recent one. Same goes for their working environment. As what they say, "There's nothing permanent except change".
Organizations are moving to Bangkok's periphery in the inquiry of new office setups.
Some of Bangkok's office structures are beginning to date, proprietor's are updating these to draw in new occupants. Along these lines, as various structures are going under renovation, rents are being pushed up as request is exceeding supply. Land firm Knight Frank has represented this with their recording of office inhabitance rates at 93.1 percent as of the finish of 2016.
Knight Frank has likewise noticed that numerous organizations are moving to more up to date properties. Furthermore, these more current properties are arranged in "periphery" areas. The reason? Their area implies that they have more reasonable rents and they advantage from the enhanced mass travel organize lines. On top of these, they come finish with better and more up to date offices that more seasoned structures don't have.
While new apartment suites are dependably popular, the distinction with business space is that office occupants don't profit by enhancing the property. As land qualities rise, condos are getting to be noticeably littler. For investors needing a property for their own particular utilize, some are swinging to more established structures to get the space that more up to date structures don't have. This example is additionally happening in the rental market as well. Leaseholders, especially among the ostracize populace, are settling on more established structures that are all around kept up and offer huge floor plates. Regularly leased at a small amount of the value contrasted with more up to date structures of a similar size.
However the business market is distinctive. Numerous organizations lease their office space as opposed to possess it. Along these lines they need the facilitate that everything is set up for them. They would prefer not to waste significant time and cash with their office that could be used somewhere else in their business. Besides they need gleaming new structures to draw in workers.
Knight Frank's information uncover that rents for the best workplaces (grade A) in Bangkok's CBD are THB 960 for each square meter every month. Be that as it may, structures of a comparable quality however situated in the periphery are extensively lower at THB 818. These figures alone make it simple to perceive any reason why numerous organizations are beginning to move their areas.
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