Hua Hin Experiencing a Resurgence in the Luxury Hotel Market

May 22, 2019

Hua Hin, a pristine coastal city situated on the Gulf of Thailand, is presently experiencing a luxury renaissance. This resurgence of luxury hotel developments in the seaside resort community is expected to bring in more tourists, expats and local migrants. Horwath HTL, property advisory firm, assessed in their new report the factors that trigger development and the various challenges that developers encounter.

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Growth and Interest from the Upscale Market

According to the report, the upscale hotel market in Hua Hin is "slowly coming out of stagnancy." Also improving are the sentiments of buyers and investors toward the market along with an increasing supply pipeline. All these will catapult the coastal city to further growth.

International brands are gradually setting up camp in Hua Hin such as globally renowned hotels Avani, Holiday Inn and Marriott. We can also look forward to advanced infrastructure, which will make it easier for visitors to access and move around the city.

Infrastructure, Transportation and Attractions

Hua Hin will soon have an airport upgrade to accommodate international flights plus mega transportation projects like the high-speed railway that connects the coastal city to Bangkok. Below is a list of infrastructural developments currently underway:

(1) double-track railway upgrade

(2) a highway connecting Nakhon Pathom with the Southern Economic Corridor (SEC)

Some attractions gaining momentum among foreign and local visitors:

(1) Santorini Park (a mini replica/reminiscent of Santorini, Greece)

(2) Vana Nava Water Jungle

(3) Plearnwarn

(4) Cicada Market

Simultaneously, the long-term vision of the Thai Riviera and the possible revival of upscale developments in the hotel industry and alternative accommodations do not hold enough water, according to the report. While the growing number of hotels and new condominiums for short-term rental has increased competition, the report said market prices and occupancy may reach a standstill. Despite the fact that demand is building up, the Hua Hin luxury hotel market has been plagued with "low barriers of entry" or lesser obstacles to competition.

General Facts About Hua Hin

City: Hua Hin Nearest Body of Water: Gulf of Siam Population: approx 90,000 Location: along the southern coast of Thailand Distance from Bangkok: 200 kilometres (124 miles) Province: Prachuap Khiri Khan Area: 838.9 square kilometres (323.9 square miles) Highest peak: Mount Khao Yai, 1336 metres (4383 feet)

Advantages of Buying a Home in Hua Hin

Interested property buyers or investors may want to know why there's no perfect time to buy a home or invest in Hua Hin's real estate industry. Allow us to count the ways: (1) Real estate in this laidback coastal city is relatively cheaper compared to Pattaya or Phuket. (2) The area is not as crowded as other seaside tourist zones in Thailand. (3) Hua Hin has everything you need - access to competitive medical care, 24/7 convenience stores, shopping places, recreation centres, entertainment - sans the flamboyance and noise of other cities. (4) A variety of choices from affordable to mid-range to luxurious accommodations - the choice is yours! (5) If you're a foreigner, there is a strong expat community you can touch base with.

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