Emerald City Life Condo Now Established Firmly

May 12, 2017

Why Emerald City Life in Patong a No Ordinary Project

It is easy to understand why a string of residential projects is such a hit in Thailand. After meeting Khun Sawit Ketroj Managing Director at Emerald Development Group, the Thai property market is changing for the better. With extensively travelling across the world collecting ideas and designs from the places he visits to utilize a part of his project to make it genuinely different from what is being constructed. While the Thai property market welcomes new condominiums and residences frequently, property developers seek to build something avant garde. Something that goes beyond the norms and reflects a dynamic culture. Presenting the Emerald City life Condo at Patong on Phuket, Thailand as one of the latest editions of Emerald Development Group. This Thai property development has certainly achieved Khun Sawit’s aim to construct something with a wow factor. The building design covers geometric shapes while the interiors show a balance of vintage and modern styles. There is an extraordinary arrangement from the entryway full of light fittings. One might say that the Emerald City Life Condo takes after that of a Parisian flat.

What to Expect from The Thai Property Market

Comes with a host of facilities, like most projects, The Emerald City Life also comes with a twist. The property resembles a five-star hotel! There are two swimming pools with slick designs of curves and lighting. It's the perfect place to relax and take in the 360-degree panoramic views over Patong Town. Moreover, a high-end fitness center stands over the pool makes you feel as if you're running on air. Khun Sawit's approach and attitude towards building make Emerald Development Group a unique property to invest. From the remarkable ideas to his team of experts, they made his designs happen. It's so unlike an architect creating something from scratch with the aid of a brief. However, this is precisely how Emerald Development Group keeps on making a distinction as a modern Thai property. A long way from regular buildings, this special property in Thailand basically sets the trend.  
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