How Accessibility Benefits Bangkok Properties

October 02, 2018
Bangkok Properties | Luxury Shopping Mall in Bangkok

Known for heavy traffic, Bangkok enters a paralysed state during commuting hours. The road is congested with cars, motorbikes, public buses and taxis. Travelling to and from the workplace becomes a time-consuming struggle as you go neck on neck with other commuters while pollutants engulf the road. No wonder residents avoid such transportation modes if they can help it.

Subway and Sky Trains

Though bursting at the seams during peak hours, it's much easier to understand why residents resort to mass transit networks like the MRT (subway) and the BTS Skytrain. This connectivity has changed the nature of real estate in Bangkok. Property developers and hawk-eye investors are on the lookout for available real estate near the city's lifeblood.

While there is not enough land in central business districts, developers are focusing their energies on areas near MRT and BTS networks. And their efforts are proving effective. These locations have been a hit among residents due to the convenience they bring. Besides condominiums, multipurpose buildings and community malls have also emerged alongside BTS and MRT stations. Strategic location enables these establishments to attract several clients with little promotion.

Central Embassy

Central Embassy, situated on pricey land plots, is directly connected to two BTS stations - Chidlom and Phloen Chit - through a long sky footpath. One of Bangkok's grandest shopping malls, Central offers shoppers, diners, hobbyists and recreationists several options to pursue their interests. Its main redeeming qualities are ease of access and an open space that allows for free movement and mobility among visitors.

Central Embassy has set the bar when it comes to shopping malls and multipurpose buildings. It's got everything you need - grocery, high-end boutiques, regular international and local events, food and merchandise stalls, state-of-the-art entertainment centers (game zones, movie theatres, gyms, playrooms, etc).

Recently, the developers were awarded at the Thailand Property Awards 2018 for Best Universal Design Development. If visitors can do a variety of things in one location, this de-clogs other densely populated and traffic-prone areas. Decongestion improves quality of life. Visitors can now focus on more important undertakings instead of spending hours stuck in traffic.

Summer Hill

Complementing the vastness of Central Embassy is Summer Hill, which recently received a Community Retail Award. With the rising cost of real estate, many homes turn into smaller spaces. One-stop shops like Summer Hill have become the saving grace of residents looking for space outside of their cramped homes. Summer Hill is directly accessible via Prakhanong BTS station. Though smaller compared to Central, this community mall has everything in place - restaurants, gyms, workplaces, co-working spaces and shops. Whether you're looking for clothes, gadgets, souvenirs, a place to hang out or milk tea, you're sure to find one at Summer Hill and more.

The Importance of Accessibility

Central Embassy and Summer Hill are prime examples of multipurpose, all-in-one establishments that greatly benefited from accessibility. These community malls received a lot of foot traffic from nearby BTS stations, reinforced by a space-efficient design. For as long as they continue to provide their customers the space they need to shop, dine or engage in fun or relaxing activities, these conveniently located one-stop malls may not slow down anytime soon.

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